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There are few things more unsettling for a homeowner than finding out your home has a cockroach infestation.  Cockroaches are a nasty, unsanitary pest, common to Fair Oaks and the Sacramento region. Roaches are especially dangerous for people with underlying health conditions, as they carry pathogens and bacteria, spreading diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery, Giardia, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, and Typhoid Fever. Roaches can also spread tapeworms, cause rashes, trigger allergies, and can accelerate asthma in children. After cockroaches feed, they damage your home by  staining walls, floors, baseboards, and furniture with their contaminated excrement. It is important that you take action quickly when you see one roach, because it means there are more in hiding, and there is an infestation in progress.

Roaches often hide in damp, dark spaces whee they can breed undetected, such as in kitchen or bathroom cupboards, in cluttered garages, in attics, behind furniture, near pipes or water sources, or near trash receptacles.

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You’ll want to stop cockroaches before they become a waking nightmare in your home or business. Local extermination experts, Pointer Pest Control, can help you control them. With over 18 years of experience in the Greater Sacramento area, we have extensive experience in  cockroach pest control and eliminating infestations.

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Types of Cockroaches in Fair Oaks

German Cockroach
Though there are over four thousand species of cockroaches in the world, there are a handful that are native to Fair Oaks. These types of roaches cause issues for homeowners and commercial businesses: German cockroaches, Asian (Oriental) cockroaches, American cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, and Turkenstan cockroaches. Each cockroach species has a distinct appearance. However, the German cockroach is the most common to Central California. Here is a summary of each type of cockroach found in the Fair Oaks and Carmichael area.
  • German Cockroach. About half an inch long, usually colored brown or black. They usually live indoors in small cracks or hidden recesses. German cockroaches have two black stripes that run horizontally down their head.
  • Oriental Cockroach. These large cockroaches are over an inch in length, and have a dark brown or black color. Known as “the waterbug of roaches”, these are particularly difficult to eliminate. The Oriental Cockroach like wet environments, such as near leaking pipes, under appliances, or under debris, leaves, or firewood.
  • American Cockroach.  The largest common cockroach in the US, the American cockroach can reach 1 ½ inches in length. This roach is brownish colored, and fits in tight spaces, cracks, and crevices. American cockroaches can fly and also run quickly. They nest in sewers and near water sources.
  • Brown Banded Cockroach. This is a smaller cockroach, only about 5/8 of an inch long. The roach is named for two light bands on its abdomen. The brown banded cockroach is light tan or brown and can jump. The males of the species can fly. These roaches do not need as much moisture as the other species, meaning they can live in varied environments.
  • Turkestan Cockroach. These reddish or light brown cockroaches live primarily outdoors, though they can come indoors when outdoor populations are at their peak. About an inch long, the Turkestan cockroach is a nuisance pest, especially for commercial properties, as they love to nest near trash receptacles, coming out to feed at night. The males can fly. Turkenstan roaches are sometimes confused for American cockroaches.
Oriental and Turkenstan cockroaches primarily form infestations outdoors. German, American, and Brown Banded roaches are the main cockroaches that form indoor infestations. These roaches find food and water sources inside homes and businesses, and multiply quickly. Cockroaches can live on almost any food source, including trash, food scraps, and waste material. Cockroaches become most active in the spring when their breeding season begins. This time is ideal for roaches because it follows the winter rainy season, which provides the moisture cockroaches require to survive. In years where there is a rainy late winter or early spring, this can cause more larger infestations leading into the summer.

Signs of a Fair Oaks Roach Infestation

Like many other pests, roaches are nocturnal, and are mostly active at night. Roaches in Sacramento travel via the sewer systems and drain pipes, or from house to house. Their flat oval -shaped bodies allow them to hide in dark, damp, tight spaces such as cracks and crevices. They like to hide in cracks in the walls or foundations, behind light outlets, behind baseboards, in drawers or cupboards, in cabinets, inside furniture and electronics, in appliances, and near clutter or trash. These are signs to look for if you suspect you have a cockroach infestation:
Fair Oaks
Fair Oaks, California

How do Roaches Enter Your Home?

If you see one roach, there are many more nearby. But how do they get into your Fair Oaks home in the first place?

Cockroaches are attracted to food sources and moisture. They can enter your home in a variety of ways.

Hitching a ride on contaminated furniture or clothing. If you pick up furniture or appliances from a garage sale, be sure to inspect the items for signs of roaches. It only takes a couple of roaches to begin an infestation. If you work in a facility where cockroaches may be present, be aware that cockroach eggs can come in your home on the soles of your shoes.

Roaches can come from neighboring homes or apartments. If you have a neighbor with a serious infestation, roaches can travel next door to your home. The same principle applies in apartments and townhomes. Your home can become infested from another nearby roach infestation.

Entering through cracks in windows and walls. Other pests can also enter your home from outdoors (such as rodents) through small openings in windows, walls or foundations. Be sure to inspect the exterior of your home regularly for possible entry points and seal any cracks and holes.

Sewers and drains can be an entryway. Roaches thrive in sewers, storm drains, and drainpipes. Have your drains cleaned regularly and use drain covers to prevent cockroaches from entering your home.

Pipes and vents can allow access. Holes in pipes and vents can allow roaches to enter your home. Seal any holes with caulk or fine mesh to prevent pests from entering your home.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

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Our residential pest control treatments for Fair Oaks homeowners are thorough and pet-friendly. As a small family run company we go above and beyond ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their service. If pests are becoming a nuisance, don't hesitate to reach out to your friendly and local pest experts here at Pointer Pest Control.

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We work with all types of commercial businesses in Fair Oaks: restaurants, local stores, municipal buildings, gas stations, grocery stores, office spaces, bar and grills, and more. We tailor our commercial treatments to meet your business needs. Call us for a free estimate. We're here to help you eliminate roaches and other unwanted pests at your commercial properties.

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Our informative online pest library will help you research common pests in the Fair Oaks area. This includes: cockroaches, spiders, ants, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, mice, rats, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, fleas, ticks, moles, voles, and more. Click the link below to visit our pest library to learn more about the different pests that may be infesting your Faie Oaks home or business.

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