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Earwig Pest Control in Sacramento

Earwigs, commonly referred to as “Pincher Bugs” are another one of those frightening alien looking pests that can bite but pose no real harm to humans and pets. ln Sacramento, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, and Folsom home owners deal with them year-round. While they pose no danger to humans or our pets, they do become a nuisance when enough of them invade your home. For people who love their landscaping, Earwigs are also known to damage and destroy fruits, berries, seedling vegetables, and annual flowers.   

Type of Earwigs in Sacramento

Here in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, and Rancho Cordova home owners often find Earwigs indoors. Below are the most common species to look out for in your area:

  • European Earwig
  • Striped Earwig

Signs of Earwigs infestations in Sacramento

Earwigs, like silverfish may sometimes be difficult to spot for most homeowners in Sacramento, Folsom, Rocklin, Roseville, and Elk Grove due to their nocturnal nature. They also love to hide in cracks & crevices and dark damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics, basements, and any other high moisture areas. Earwigs are mostly active during the night due to their nocturnal nature. Chances are if you see them at night they are and out in search of food. Here are a few signs to help you know if you are having a Earwig infestation:

  • Foul smell, earwigs produce a yellowish-brown secretion when scared or crushed.
  • Visible earwigs, most times you will spot them at night crawling on surfaces. The will hide under rugs, planter & pots, foundation cracks and other dim and damp areas. 
  • Earwigs preferred food source is dead plants and leaves, be sure to check leaf pile areas outside.

How to get rid of Earwigs

Earwigs populations tend to spike in the spring and summer months, but they are active year-round. Use the these tips to help prevent an earwig infestation and to help you identify earwigs around your home.  

  • Filling and sealing cracks & crevices on exterior of your home to avoid earwigs from finding entry points.  Including the foundation, windows and door frames.
  • Repair or replace damaged screens and weatherstripping.
  • Remove decaying organic matter (old vergetation, firewood, fallen leaves, etc) from around your home as this attracts earwig activity.
  • Keep moisture levels low, earwigs thrive and reproduce in dim and damp areas inside and outside of homes.
  • Inspect garden areas often for activity.
  • Lastly, a regular Earwig interior and exterior barrier treatment plan will ensure these  alien looking pincher bugs never find their way into your home.

Contact your local Earwig pest control experts

If earwigs (pincher bugs) are becoming a nuisance in your home, let your local Pointer Pest Control experts help you control them. With over 18 years of experience in the Greater Sacramento area, we’re your friendly and reliable earwig pest experts.


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