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When it comes to pest control for the home, there’s no one better to trust than your local experts at Pointer Pest Control. Like you, we value and cherish the safety of our family, pets, and home. If pests are lurking in or around your home let us help you take back control so that you and your family can enjoy it year-round with zero pest worries. And to keep your mind at ease, know that we use only the safest and most advanced plant based and eco-friendly products that are proven and used in hospitals, schools, and daycares.  It’s important to know that every home is unique depending on the neighborhood, geography, and type of structure. This makes it one of the key reasons why different homes sometimes have different pest issues. To assist with this we offer customized treatment plans to meet any home and customer needs.  With over 18 years of experience in the Greater Sacramento area, we’re here to serve you as your neighborhood bug experts and the best choice when it comes to protecting your home and family from unwanted pests. Call us today for a free same day inspection along with a complimentary pest report to help you assess the level of pest activity in your home. (916) 892-0005

The Pointer Pest Control Home Process

Inspection and Identification: When your pest expert arrives they will first inspect and identify all current pest activity, taking note of the various insects in order to custom treat your home and property. We don’t believe in taking the cookie cutter approach, different pests require different products and treatment strategies.

Spider Web and Nest Removal: We will then thoroughly wipe down and remove any spider webs, spider egg sacs, and wasp nests under your eaves, windows, and door frames. We also include the fence line, sheds, patio furniture, and even your children’s play structure that tends to harbor lots of spiders, webs, and eggs sacs. This part is crucial in controlling the spider activity in and around a home and is why we devote most of our time to this step.

Treatment We will then customer treat the exterior (plus the interior if needed) with our proven organic solutions to ensure we neutralize and control all target pests and properly seal any entry points, holes, or cracks that may be putting your home at risk of infestation. We will also treat several key areas around your home that tend to harbor insects such as the yard, fence line, and sheds.

Conclude & Report: After completing your service we will re-inspect for any additional pests, and then provide you a detailed pest report outlining our findings as well as providing tips and recommendations to help keep bug and pest activity to a minimum during peak seasons. 

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Inspection and Removal

Our first step is to inspect the exterior of your home for cobwebs, spiders, wasp nests, and possible entry points. After conducting a thorough inspection and clean up we develop a custom pest treatment plan that will give your unique home the best pest protection results. Remember our #1 goal is family and pet safety above all else. 

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Custom Exterior Treatment

After a detailed inspection we then apply a protective barrier treatment to the foundation of your home to repel and keep out any unwanted visitors. Along with the foundation, we also spot treat under your eaves, doorways, and window seals for a double-layer of bug protection.  The interior is also included and treated anytime as needed. 


Yard Granulation Treatment

Once we finish sealing up your home from pests, our job is not done yet. We take an extra step and treat your yard using a special water activated granule that penetrates the soil and pushes out those hard to treat subterranean colonies and pests. This included treatment makes a world of difference in the greater Sacramento area where pest activity is high. 

100% Guaranteed Service
with our Pointer Promise Warranty


The Pointer Promise: Always remember that your treatment plan and home is warrantied under our Pointer Promise with unlimited free re-services to make sure your always satisfied and that your home is kept pest free no matter what. Call us anytime in-between services if needed, and our pest expert will be there within 24hrs or when most convenient for you.  

See What Customer Love About Our Service

Sarah Cayer
Sarah Cayer
Ed and Antonio have been great. Very professional and prompt response times. Give a summary of what is going on, take the time to talk it out on the phone, if needed. They work with pet safe products. I appreciate the text reminders with monthly service and they have been flexible with my schedule. Also left a Christmas card during the Holiday season which stands out, to me big time!! It’s hard to find good, honest, service these days. I would highly recommend.
Angie Larsen
Angie Larsen
Antonio with Pointer Pest Control is great! He is always very kind, helpful and informative - a pleasure to work with. I have not had any problems since using Pointer Pest Control. Would recommend.
Amy Hoddick
Amy Hoddick
Ed and Antonio came to my house quickly and dealt with my rodent problem. They weee friendly and professional and I am grateful for them and their fast help!
Marissa Cardozo
Marissa Cardozo
Pointer Pest control is awesome. Very thorough with their work. If I have concerns they are quick to address them. Their communication before the appt and follow up are top notch. I appreciate their small business touch and they work hard to treat their clients well.
Brittney S
Brittney S
Antonio provides by far the best pest service I have ever received. I have recommended Pointer Pest to numerous friends and family members who are equally happy with the service provided. Antonio and Ed are incredibly friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. I cannot recommend them enough
Zandra useche
Zandra useche
Edwardo arrived on time and ready to go. Prior to his arrival we discussed what I needed to do to prep the house and have it ready for him to exterminate. I noticed I had fleas after one of my hikes. I moved all the items on the floor, washed clothes and dog beds, placed pillows in black hefty bags, etc.Once he arrived he did the whole outside perimeter of my home and then worked his way inside working at the furthers room in the house. I went outside with my pets and let him do his thing. Once done he told me to stay out for about 2 hours and everything will be ok when I come back with my fur babies. He said he would be back in about a week or so to do the second round and then after that he would come back every 2 months. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this company.
Patrick M Stephens
Patrick M Stephens
Ed And Antonio were great ! Very professional and on time . Did what they said when they said very refreshing to do business with responsive professionals! Thanks look forward to doing business with Pointer Pest Control in the future.
Jerry Barnes
Jerry Barnes
Ed gave us Excellent service & got rid of the pesty caterpillars on the first visit. Glad I’ll be using them for the upcoming year!!

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