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Mosquito Pest Control in Sacramento

Every year for about 6 months during the Spring and Summer months mosquitoes become and nuisance and health threat for home and business owners in Sacramento, Roseville, Elk Grove, Rocklin, and Folsom. One of the reasons why mosquitoes get out of control is because females can lay anywhere from 300-500 eggs in a lifecycle, and once they hatch more female mosquitoes will do the same causing rapid overpopulation and a nuisance for people.

Mosquitoes bites are known to cause redness, swelling, irritation, and itchiness but they can also carry more dangerous side effects due to several mosquito borne diseases and illnesses that are transmitted via a mosquito biteIn the greater Sacramento area mosquitoes carry and transmit deadly diseases and illnesses such as West Nile, Zika, Dengue Fever, Chikungunya virus, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and even Malaria. These type of diseases make mosquitoes one the most dangerous pests for people of all ages.  

Types of Mosquitoes in Sacramento

Here in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, and Elk Grove home and business owners sometimes are often chased and bit by a few key mosquito species. These species include:

  • Aedes Mosquitoes
  • Culex Mosquitoes
  • Anopheles Mosquitoes

Signs of Mosquito infestations in Sacramento

Summer time in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, Elk Grove, and Folsom can be characterized by great sunny weather near the pool and unfortunately also by the constant swatting and bites of mosquitoes. This is why many home and business owners choose a seasonal mosquito control plan during the spring and summer months. Use the following signs to gauge if you need a mosquito control plan this season:

  • Constant high buzzing, means that you have a lot of female mosquitoes laying eggs on your property. Female mosquitoes are the ones responsible for biting people and pets in order to feed and breed.
  • Mosquito Bites on your ankles, legs, arms, and other exposed parts of your body. (apply a hydrocortisone topical cream for itchiness and try to avoid scratching).
  • Standing water on your property from ponds, pools, bird baths, fountains, and other sources will attract and be a breeding ground for thousands of mosquitoes.
  • Lots of shaded areas on your property will provide a nice resting place for adult mosquitoes to hide in.
  • Lots of visible mosquitoes flying and buzzing around your home in the daytime and at night.
  • Mosquitoes on the interior of your home can mean that they are getting out of control and are finding their way in through entry points around your home.
  • Humid weather, mosquitoes love this type of weather.

How to get rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are unfortunately an unavoidable pest issue during the spring and summer months in the greater Sacramento area. While it is impossible to 100% eradicate them, we can control a mosquito infestation with monthly barrier treatment plan that shields your property from mosquitoes by repelling them off your property and eliminating larvae and adults. Along with a seasonal mosquito treatment plan, try using these helpful tips to reduce mosquito activity and bites on your property 

  • Eliminate standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys, or any other container where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Change standing water once per week in bird baths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels, and potted plant trays to destroy potential mosquito habitats.
  • Eliminate and trim hiding spots, adult mosquitoes love hiding and resting in overgrown vegetation.
  • Apply a repellent when enjoying your outdoor spaces.
  • Wear light long sleeve & pant clothing that is breathable to prevent bites.
  • Lastly, a seasonal mosquito barrier & exterior treatment plan is highly recommended to greatly reduce the mosquito presence in your home this spring and summer. 

Contact your local Mosquito control experts

If you need help controlling mosquitoes this spring and summer, give us a call and avoid the annoying and dangerous mosquito bites. Let your local Pointer Pest Control experts help you put them to rest. With over 18 years of experience in the Greater Sacramento area, we’re your friendly and reliable mosquito control pest experts.


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