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Whether large or small, every business in the greater Sacramento area needs year-round pest protection. Let Pointer Pest Control help you avoid the stress and cost of unwanted pest infestations that have the potential to disturb and even halt your daily business operations. 

We’re your trusted experts at locating, identifying, and eradicating any pest issue no matter how difficult or large. Our commercial pest control solutions are effective and safe to use around your business and customers. We are constantly innovating and using the most advanced pest control techniques to meet our goal of creating a safe and pest free environment.  

We offer different commercial treatment plans and customize our services to fit your specific business, needs, and hours. All of our custom commercial treatment plans are backed by our Pointer Promise warranty, meaning we 100% guarantee our service. If you see any pest activity in-between your services we come back for free. Call us today for a free inspection and quote (916) 892-0005. We will provide you with a detailed pest report to better assess your pest problems. 

Commercial Industries Serviced In Sacramento

  • Business Facilities & Offices
  • Restaurants 
  • Shopping Centers & Retail Stores
  • Churches, Temples, and Synagogues
  • Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
  • Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Property Management Portfolios
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Apartments, Condos, and Hotels 
  • & More.

Common Pests in Commercial Spaces

  • Bed Bugs
  • Roaches
  • Mice & Rats
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bird Control
  • Pantry Moths
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Crickets
  • Wasps

Click to see our Pest Library for more information about the different pests in the Greater Sacramento area that may be affecting your business.

How We Keep Your Business Pest Free

Inspection and Identification: When your pest expert arrives they will first inspect and identify all current pest activity, taking note of the various insects in order to custom treat your business the right way. We don’t take the cookie cutter approach, different pests require different products and strategy.

Spider Web and Nest Removal: They will then thoroughly wipe down and remove any spider webs, spider egg sacs, and wasp nests under your eaves, windows, and door frames. We also include any outdoor seating, outdoor light fixtures, and even large trash cans  that tends to harbor lots of spiders, webs, and eggs sacs. This part is crucial in controlling the spider activity in and around a business and is why we devote most of our time to this step.

Treatment & Monitoring We will then custom treat the exterior and interior with our proven solutions to ensure we neutralize and control all target pests and properly seal any entry points, holes, or cracks that may be putting your business at risk of infestation. After treating we will place and check monitoring devices/bait stations in strategic locations to battle even the worst of rodent or roach issues.   

Conclude & Report: After completing your service we will re-inspect for any additional pests, and then provide you a detailed pest report outlining our findings as well as providing tips and recommendations to help keep pest activity in your business to a minimum during peak seasons. 

The Pointer Promise: And remember your treatment plan is warrantied under our Pointer Promise with unlimited free re-services to make sure you are always satisfied and that your business is kept pest free no matter what. Call us anytime in-between regular services if needed, and our pest expert will be there within 24hrs or even same-day. 

See What Customer Love About Our Service

Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Company staff are experienced, professional and I highly recommend their service.
Pointer Pest Control is a top-notch company that provides excellent service. Their technicians are professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I recommend them for anyone in need of effective and efficient pest control solutions. Thanks Ed and Antonio!
Rosa Gomez
Rosa Gomez
Always great customer service! Thank you Antonio for always listening to our concerns and addressing any pest issues.
sarkis mouradian
sarkis mouradian
Best in class
Kenneth Nelson
Kenneth Nelson
When we first moved in to our new home our house was crawling with spiders and insects due to sitting vacant for so long. I called around and Pointer Pest Control was the easiest and most reasonably priced option out of all the places I called. They are a tremendous value for the protection they serve for my house and pets and I am grateful I chose them as my pest pros. Antonio is very thorough when inspecting our house and keeps us up to date on what is going on in our yard and caters treatment to our needs. He is incredibly friendly and responsive. Now I have practically no issues with spiders and insects, and when I do Antonio is on it, even issues I wasn't even aware I was having. Thank you for all you do!
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza
Great service!

Commercial Service Areas in Greater Sacramento

We provide our custom and effective pest services to families and homes all over the greater Sacramento area.


West Sacramento


Fair Oaks



Elk Grove

Citrus Heights

Rancho Cordova

Rio Linda


& More

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