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Roseville Pest Control Experts

Pointer Pest Control in Roseville, CA is a trusted pest control provider offering comprehensive services to residential and commercial properties in the area. Their team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing an effective and efficient solution for every problem. From ants, spiders, rodents, and insects to birds, snakes, termites, and more – Pointer Pest Control has you covered!

Pointer Pest Control specializes in integrated pest management (IPM) solutions that focus on prevention as well as treatment. They have extensive experience with all types of pests and utilize the latest technology and industry standards to ensure complete extermination. All of their services are tailored to meet your exact needs so you can be sure that the job is done right the first time.

For added peace of mind, Pointer Pest Control provides highly trained customer service representatives available 24/7 who can answer any questions or concerns you may have about their services. Whether it’s a one-time service or ongoing maintenance program – they are here to help!

Roseville Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control

Our residential pest control treatments are the most complete and thorough in town. As a small family run company we go above and beyond ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their service. If pests are becoming a nuisance don't hesitate to reach out to your friendly and local pest experts here at Pointer Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control

We work with all type of commercial businesses including: restaurants, office spaces, daycares, warehouse and storage facilities, and more. We tailor our commercial treatments to meet your business needs. If pests are interfering with your employees or patrons look no further and call us a free estimate. We are your premier commercial pest service.

Pest Coverage

We cover and treat for all general pests found in Roseville. This includes: spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, earwigs, mice, rats, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, fleas, ticks, and more. Click the link below to visit our pest library to learn more about the different pest that may be lurking around your Roseville home.

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With every visit, we will inspect, identify, treat, and seal your home from any pests. Included is a complimentary pest report and recommendations to help assess and fight the risk of any future infestation.

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Roseville Cockroach Control

Pointer Pest Control, located in Roseville, California, is a family-owned and operated business providing professional pest control services to residential and commercial clients since 1992. They specialize in cockroach control, utilizing their knowledge of the behavior and biology of these pests to find efficient and effective solutions that keep them out of homes and businesses.

Their Cockroach Control service starts with an initial inspection to identify infested areas. Then they offer recommendations for exclusionary measures such as caulking cracks or gaps around entryways or removing possible food sources that could be attracting these pests. They also use professional grade insecticides such as residual sprays, dusts and baits specifically formulated to rid homes of roaches without posing a threat to humans. In addition to this, Pointer Pest Control will provide ongoing prevention services so your home is continually protected against future cockroach infestations.

Bed Bugs

Roseville Bed Bug Exterminator

Pointer Pest Control, located in Roseville CA, is a leading pest control service provider specializing in bed bug extermination. The company offers comprehensive services that are designed to safely and effectively eradicate bed bugs from your home or business. Using advanced technology and products, Pointer Pest Control can quickly identify the source of the infestation and apply treatments tailored to your specific situation.

Their team of highly qualified technicians are experienced in all stages of bed bug control and have the expertise to successfully eliminate all types of bed bugs, including those that may be resistant to over-the-counter products. They also specialize in preventive measures such as sealing cracks and crevices where bed bugs might hide. Their thorough inspections help ensure they completely eliminate any residual populations before they can spread to other areas of your home or business.

Roseville Rodent Control

In addition to providing effective treatments for current infestations, Pointer Pest Control also provides preventative services designed to reduce the likelihood of future infestations by eliminating food sources and areas that attract rodents. They provide detailed instructions on how to reduce potential harborage areas for rodents so you can maintain a pest-free environment for years to come.

Pointer Pest Control has been providing quality service for over 30 years and is committed to providing safe, effective solutions that meet or exceed state regulations. With their experience and dedication, they provide exceptional customer service with reliable results you can count on every time.

Rats & Mice
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Roseville Ant Exterminator

Pointer Pest Control, located in Roseville CA, is a professionally trained team of exterminators with years of experience providing ant extermination services. They utilize humane and environmentally friendly methods to get rid of ants while also ensuring that they do not enter your home again.

Their services include comprehensive inspections, identifying infestation sources, baiting and trapping treatments, residual spraying, and other preventive measures. With their treatment plan, you can be sure that all ant infestation in your home will be removed safely and quickly.

Pointer Pest Control has developed an effective ant extermination system which uses the latest insecticides available on the market to ensure maximum effectiveness against a wide variety of ant species. These products are applied via backpack mist blowers for quick and accurate application resulting in maximum effectiveness against these pests immediately upon contact.

Why Work With Pointer Pest Control?

We Keep Our Promises and Deliver Excellence to Every Customer

Roseville Pest Service For Bugs and Insects

We treat pest infestations and eliminate bug, rodent, and insect infestations in the Roseville area. Some of the pests we eradicate are bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and mice, spiders, ants, wasps and hornets, earwigs, silverfish, fleas, ticks, and more.

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Silver fish
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flea tick
Fleas & Ticks

& more


Local Pest Control Done The Right Way

Effective & Convenient

Our service is back by our Pointer Promise Warranty. We guarantee our service 100%, if you still see bugs we come back for free to solve any pest related issue.

Organic Solutions

Our #1 priority is the health and safety of your family and pets. All of our plant based and eco-friendly products are used safely in hospitals, schools, and daycares.

Year-Round Protection

As the seasons change so does the different type of pest activity. Our treatment plans are designed to protect your home or business year-round from destructive pests.

Read What Our Customers Say About Us

Parker W
Parker W
Impressed with the services they provided to my home. On time, responsive, and respectful.
Keegan Fischer
Keegan Fischer
Amazing Company and service, Ryan was incredible to speak with prior to, I appreciated every second of the interaction!
Elle B
Elle B
What a great business this is. I called and they were at my home within 2 hours when everyone else couldn’t get to us for days. Their prices are reasonable and I called only for a one time service but ended up signing up for a bi-monthly service. I’m real happy. We’ve been fighting Ants, Wasps and Spiders over my home. But with the Pointer Family Team the bugs are outmatched and will need to find a new home. This one’s ours. Thanks Pointer!
Justine Hoff
Justine Hoff
Ed and Antonio are always kind, friendly, and efficient! They are quick to respond to communications and come out if additional support is needed (rare). Been with them for 2 houses now! Thank you Pointer Pest Control!
Sarah Cayer
Sarah Cayer
Ed and Antonio have been great. Very professional and prompt response times. Give a summary of what is going on, take the time to talk it out on the phone, if needed. They work with pet safe products. I appreciate the text reminders with monthly service and they have been flexible with my schedule. Also left a Christmas card during the Holiday season which stands out, to me big time!! It’s hard to find good, honest, service these days. I would highly recommend.
Angie Larsen
Angie Larsen
Antonio with Pointer Pest Control is great! He is always very kind, helpful and informative - a pleasure to work with. I have not had any problems since using Pointer Pest Control. Would recommend.
Amy Hoddick
Amy Hoddick
Ed and Antonio came to my house quickly and dealt with my rodent problem. They weee friendly and professional and I am grateful for them and their fast help!
Marissa Cardozo
Marissa Cardozo
Pointer Pest control is awesome. Very thorough with their work. If I have concerns they are quick to address them. Their communication before the appt and follow up are top notch. I appreciate their small business touch and they work hard to treat their clients well.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products safe to use around my children or pets?

Absolutely, all of our products are plant based, eco-friendly, and even odorless. They are proven to work and are safely used inside hospitals, schools, and daycare centers. Remember your health and safety is our number one concern. We also offer 100% organic pest control solutions, these treatments are performed on a monthly basis only because the products do break up much quicker. 

Why do I need pest control year-round?

While spring and summer are the peak seasons for pest activity outdoors (spiders, ants, etc.), during the fall and winter those same pests begin looking for a warmer place inside your home to take shelter from the cold. The fall and winter months are crucial to keep the insect egg-cycles broken and to prevent infestation within your home. Skipping pest control treatments during the fall and winter result in over population of pests and a worse spring and summer pest season. 

How long after the initial treatment does it take to see results?

You will see a noticeable reduction in pest activity within the first 7 days.  But depending on the home, area, and the type of pests it may take up 14 days. But remember, your covered under our Pointer Promise warranty. If after 14 days you are still seeing an increase in bug activity call us and we will come back out for free. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

Why should I hire a pest control professional?

Most homeowners try the DIY route at first but find themselves calling an expert at the end. We love that your interested in battling bugs but it’s important to know that the safe handling and proper application of pest control products is crucial in controlling pests.


Our experts are trained daily in identifying and treating homes for a variety pests. Different pests require different products and treatment strategies. Give us a shot as your local pest control experts, we promise to keep your family safe and home pest free!

Do I have to leave my house during the treatment?

In most situations you will never have to leave your home. Our products are safe to be used around people, children,  and pets whether we are treating the exterior or interior of your home. This is why we choose to use odorless, plant based, and eco-friendly products, as well as our 100% organic pest control solutions.

In rare cases of bed bugs or serious infestations it may be necessary to leave your home for 2-3 hours to allow us to thoroughly and carefully treat your home. Arrangements will be made well in advanced for your convenience. 

Do you have a different question?

We are happy and ready to answer any other questions or concerns you might have, feel free to call us today at: 916-892-0005

More Facts About Roseville

Roseville is the largest city in Placer County, and a notable part of the Sacramento metro area. The Downtown district is known for the Vernon Street shops, Tower Theatre, and railroad yards. The Galleria and Fountains at Roseville are large retail destinations, and Denio’s Farmers Market and Swap Meet is known throughout the Sacramento region. Almost 150,000 people currently live in Roseville, making it the 40th largest city in California.

Pointer Pest Control is proud to help residents, homeowners, and businesses in the Roseville area with pest control and management.

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